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Owning Our Stories: Living Our Unedited Truths

Owning Our Stories: Living Our Unedited Truths

On Tuesday, December 5th, WILL LANE and WOMEN MAKING WAVES co-hosted an evening of open dialogue at WeWork Soho.

“Break The Silence” was a special evening dedicated to breaking social and emotional stigmas by shedding light on the importance of owning and voicing our real stories as women.

With women from all over NYC in attendance, WOMEN MAKING WAVES founder Charlotte Haimes and WILL LANE founder Emily Soong shared their personal stories and discussed how embracing our struggles and fights can build courage and inner strength, in the same way that embracing our triumphs does.By sharing their journeys honestly, they aimed to create solidarity, connection, and an opportunity for women to share their truths (vulnerabilities and all) without judgment. 

I’d like to challenge us to think about the concept of empowerment & strength in reverse. What if by being empowered, we were being enabled to find strength in honesty, to find strength in vulnerability, to find strength in asking for help, and to find strength and power in authenticity.
— Emily Soong
There is so much stigma attached to emotional pain because of the pressure to live our lives according to what’s expected of us. Accepting our struggles is challenging, but it teaches us to be more tolerant, self-accepting, that being imperfect is OK, and that ultimately, our stories may be a part of us, but they don’t define us. Once we’ve understood that, we realize how freeing it is.
— Charlotte Haimes of Women Making Waves

The talks were followed by small group discussions & mingling with delicious snacks provided by "Allo Maman What's Cooking"!

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us! We loved connecting with you, sharing our real stories, and learning about yours. YOU continue to inspire us each & everyday.