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Start Your Day with Some Flow

Start Your Day with Some Flow

By Chloe Knight

As someone committed to daily fitness, people often ask how I stick to my workout routine. What keeps me going is starting each day with movement. Being active early in the day, especially in the mornings, helps me feel so much better - physically & mentally - throughout the rest of the day. It's a matter of throwing on my Kali sports bra, Jennifer leggings, and sneakers and then getting outside. 

Whether it’s a twenty minute run around the neighborhood, forty minutes of yoga and core work, or making one of my favorite workout classes in the city, I know that once I'm done sweating, the feeling of accomplishment and the boost of endorphins makes me feel so much more energized, and I’m ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Do whatever feels right to you in the morning! Everyone’s preference is different and every day is different too. Whatever it is, as long as it’s active, just get up and move. There is no better feeling than making progress towards a personal goal, no matter how “big” or “small",  which is an achievement in and of itself. Embracing the process can provide an amazing boost of confidence.
I begin my day with the following yoga sequence. Not only is it great for opening your heart and focusing the mind on a positive intention for the day, it also stretches the IT bands and loosens up the hip flexors. Check out the video and sequence below!

What I'm Wearing: Kali Sports Bra and Jennifer Legging

Morning Flow:

15. Slowly roll all the way back up to seated

16. Squeeze knees lifting chest

17. Plant right hand down behind you

18. Lift hips: Rockstar pose

19. Breathe here opening heart setting intention for your day and what you want to focus on while running

20. Wrap left arm up and over around your body/ twisting legs/ walking hands back into a forward fold

21. Release head and neck/ breathe / let everything go: stretch into the IT bands preparing for your run

22. Walk hands forward to plank

23. Chataranga with legs crossed

24. Upward facing dog, uncrossing the legs 

25. Downward facing dog

26. Repeat sequence switching Rockstar to the left side this time

1. Downward facing dog


3. Chataranga

4. Upward & downward facing dog

5. Bend knees look forward hop to your hands

6. Half way lift

7. Forward fold (release/exhale/let everything go)

8. Sweep arms up/sit low: chair pose

9. Breathe: with every exhale sit a little lower

10. Come all the way down to seated

11. Boat pose & crunches

12. Squeeze knees tight into chest

13. Plant feet on ground 

14. Slowly roll all the way down to tips of shoulder blades, engaging the core